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Vegan Bath and Body + Clothes

by Olive Street Soap Company


Olive Street Soap Co

Olive Street Soap Company produces 100% all natural, hand-crafted soaps in small batches to ensure high quality.

They are family-owned and strive to offer the best, organic ingredients in skin care.


Bubble bars, lip balms, soaps, scrubs and candles, all handmade with love in St. Louis.







Healers are all welcome. To claim your Healing Village Hogan simply register for the retreat ($100 all-inclusive) and purchase the $50 Healing Village Hogan from the merchandise section of the registration process when signing up. Then email Debby Siegel,, to be listed on the website and social media pages.

Here’s a video to give you and idea of the Healing Village Hogan space. It is in the Whippoorwill village adjacent to all the activities: