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Manifest Station Music & Yoga Festival

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We are currently accepting healers for the village of seven hogans at Manifest Station. If you have a healing service  – massage, tarot, reiki, sound therapy, rune –  you’d like to offer for love donations, or any art, jewelry, clothing type products you’d like to vend, please complete the application. Debby will get back to you within a week and get you listed on this website if approved within 2 weeks.

Vegan Bath and Body + Clothes

by Olive Street Soap Company


Olive Street Soap Co

Olive Street Soap Company produces 100% all natural, hand-crafted soaps in small batches to ensure high quality.

They are family-owned and strive to offer the best, organic ingredients in skin care.


Bubble bars, lip balms, soaps, scrubs and candles, all handmade with love in St. Louis.










Meredith Trewolla, Fellow Human

Co-Journeyer, Spiritual Servant, and Facilitator of Natural Healing

Meredith Trewolla of Roots in Bliss

Come find Meredith’s Healing Hogan in the Whippoorwill Healing Village and soak up some good vibes! She’ll be offering Usui Holy Fire Reiki and Healing Touch energy sessions, and intuitively guided rune and tarot readings, as well. 

Or, join Meredith for one of her group sessions. She will help us begin each day with 15 minutes of Qigong at 8:30a and will be leading a Self Healing Workshop on Sunday at 9am. Find Meredith in our Healing Village and attending classes throughout Manifest Station. She is part of your CommUNITY.

Arriving early to bury crystals on the compass points surrounding the event,  while smudging and blessing the grounds, Meredith will be holding Sacred Space for Manifest Station. This will create a Sacred Container on the property, holding an energetic “safe space” for the event, and for those who attend.  This will aid and assist the healing processes that will take place at Manifest Station by offering protection, comfort, and intentional vibrations of Love and Light.  It will also aid and assist in the clearing of any old, outdated, or low vibration energies that are released during attendees’ healing processes that occur during the event.  She will create and maintain this Sacred Container by first establishing a perimeter and will maintain the space by awaking at dawn each morning to meditate upon the Sacred Container and to reinforce its intentions.


Massage Therapy by Yevgeniy Elperin, LMT

Yevgeniy Elperin, Licensed Massage Therapist at Manifest StationAbout Yev:  A graduate of the Healing Arts Center in St Louis, Missouri, Yevgeniy Elperin has practiced various forms of bodywork, therapeutic massage, and energy healing since 2010. Upon completion of the 600 hour program, Yevgeniy joined a team of fellow massage therapists working alongside a local Chiropractor until 2013. Shortly thereafter, he went on to establish Earth Path Massage & Bodywork, a practice dedicated to the utilization of various healing modalities for purposes of restorative, preventative, or otherwise therapeutic treatment applications.

Yevgeniy encourages his clients to maintain an active roll in their healing process, educating them about the importance of good body mechanics and ways to minimize undue strain on the body in our daily lives. He often takes time after each session to discuss treatment strategies with the client as well as sharing helpful self-care techniques and stretches that the client can do at home.

Find Yev in his Healing Village Hogan alongside other healers, or tag him around the festival to make sure you find time on his massage table for a well-deserved massage.


Massages and other healing village services are being offered for love donations.

Henna Designs by Momma Dagger

Henna Designs by Teala Marie at this midwest music and yoga festival

Mary is a St. Louis-based professional body art ~Face painting ~Henna art ~Glitter tattoos ~Painter of people ~Maker of things.


She’ll be offering her henna designs all weekend. Who wants body paint? Please bring cash or card for these additional services. Thank you!



Essential Oil Wizardry by Austin Tucker


Essential Oil Wizardry of Austin TuckerFind your way to the Lotus Belle Yurt where you’ll meet Austin Tucker and honor some of the indigenous wisdom of plants. Austin will be crafting elixirs and teas for guests of this magical space. He burns traditional Ayurvedic incense and offers essential oil demos from Essential Oil Wizardry.


In this photo, Austin is pouring water into a Family Aladdin Carafe of made TC Glassware. The effects of the carafe on water are due to its design based on the universal principles of musical and geometric harmony, or sacred geometry.  The flower of life design at its base is one of the most ancient natural symbols of sacred geometry. It is symbolic representation of the source and interconnectedness of all life.

Come learn about the healing properties of our world with Austin at Manifest Station Volume 3. He will be in the teardrop shaped yurt near the dining hall.


Wren’s Nest

Wren’s Nest, a neighboring store in Makanda, IL will be sharing their wares in our Healing Village! It’s owner, Erin Austin, is a licensed massage therapist who makes jewelry, household products, and knits. Stop by her hogan and find these offerings as well as vintage clothing, wares and books!








Priscilla’s Portable Jewelry Shop

Priscillas Portable Jewelry Shop

A traveling shop of jewelry, gemstones and textiles…

A jewelry maker, a stone junkie, a traveling treasure hunter. Priscilla’s work is only found at events, she sells nothing on the internet.

If you’ve ever oogled over Debby’s chime bell necklace, she got it at Priscilla’s booth at an event last summer.

Come see the wonders of this world traveling jewelry-maker. Bring cash if you can.



ISKCON St. Louis (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)

Please visit ISKCON St. Louis’ hogan anytime during this wonderful festival to:

  • go deeper into your yoga practice
  • explore bhakti yoga; the yoga of love
  • free demos in mantra meditation
  • get your own sacred japa mala (chanting beads)
  • participate in kirtan (a musical group meditation)
  • learn more about the ancient Vedic teachings, from which yoga originates
  • discover how to cook karma-free vegetarian meals

 In the Greater St. Louis area, we offer several FREE opportunities to go deeper into your yoga practice and lifestyle. For example: Bhagavad-gita classes, Srimad Bhagavatam classes, vegetarian karma-free meals, kirtan, hatha yoga, philosophical discussions, and much more! Feel free to ask us for more information.

These are some titles of books that will be available with us:

Bhagavad Gita, As It Is by Srimad Bhagavatam, The Journey of Self-Discovery, The Science of Self-Realization, The Perfection of Yoga, Easy Journey to Higher Planets, Chant and Be Happy!, A Higher Taste (cookbook), The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami, The Journey Within by Radhanath Swami, Hiding in Unnatural Happiness by Devamrita Swami


Healers are all welcome. To claim your Healing Village Hogan simply register for the retreat ($100 all-inclusive) and purchase the $50 Healing Village Hogan from the merchandise section of the registration process when signing up. Then email Debby Siegel,, to be listed on the website and social media pages.

Here’s a video to give you and idea of the Healing Village Hogan space. It is in the Whippoorwill village adjacent to all the activities: