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Go with your own vinyasa throughout this retreat. While there will be a schedule of classes and entertainment, there are plenty of downtime alternatives.  Bring a hammock and a book and tie up, there are so many trees made for this! The dock on the 1200 acre Little Grassy Lake will host a morning Qigong session on Saturday morning, and it’s filled with canoes, kayaks & paddleboards available throughout the weekend. Hoops will be available for playing, and yoga mats out for anyone wishing to flow and acro jam. Hiking and biking are both readily available on the trails on this 257 acre property. Giant City State Park, complete with top rope climbing is a crag just minutes from the property too.

Here is a schedule of events (subject to change):

Friday, May 4

6-8p Dinner


9p – Griddle Kids – with the Dancing Bear Tribe and Amy Inspiral

10p – JD Hughes – with the Dancing Bear Tribe and Amy Inspiral


Saturday, May 5

8:30-8:45 – Qigong on the dock with Meredith Trewolla

9a-10a – Breakfast

10:30-11:30a Astronomical Yoga to live music with Debby Siegel & Chris Powers

~ 10:20 – 11:10a Kids learn hooping with Amy Greenley

~ 11:15 – 11:45a Kids make musical instruments in the Craft Hogan with Katie Rodgers

12:30p-1:30p – Lunch

2p – 3:30p – Acro Yoga with Christine Kick

4p – 5p – Cacao + Yoga + Sound Healing with Willow Beseda

4p – 5p – Hooping by Amy Greenley

~3:55p-4:25p – Kids yoga with Katie Rodgers

~4:30p-5:05p – Kids crafting instruments & tie dye

6:30p-7:30p – Dinner

8p – Two Cities One World

9p – Irene Allen

10p – Magicko – with the Dancing Bear Tribe and Amy Inspiral


Sunday, May 6

8:30-8:45 – Qigong in Healing Village with Meredith Trewolla

9a-9:45a – Self Healing Workshop with Meredith Trewolla

9a-10a – Mushroom foraging hike with Flyway Family Farms founder, Jess

10a – 11a –  Warrior’s Way Yoga by  Tim DeWitt

11a-12n – Brunch

12n – Kids Show on stage! (All the kids will perform a song or two with their crafted musical instruments!)

12:30p-2p – Acro Jam  (An Acro Jam is an open format, play style. No teacher, but we ask that you always have a spotter when jamming.)

12:30p-2p – Sound Jam at Gazebo (byo instrument and gather to raise vibrations)


Manifest Station music and class schedule