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Music & Yoga Festival
at Camp Manitowa Cedar Point

May 4 – 6, 2018





Camp Location: 1327 Camp Cedar Point Ln, Makanda, IL 62958


We’ll create a utopian commUNITY in the woods of southern Illinois for a weekend, playing and elevating our vibrations with live music, entertainment and creative class offerings at Camp Manitowa’s 257 acre Cedar Point. National touring musicians performing throughout the weekend. Campfire sound jams into the evenings. Community includes family. Kids activities included all weekend. Many opposite classes for adults, so parents can attend. Find our Healing Village filled with ways for you to further your journey toward that higher self. We go to great lengths to recycle our waste and procure a good portion of our food from local farmers. Your retreat price includes five prepared vegan meals, snacks, coffee and tea at this festival for all.

You may choose to practice yoga indoor or out, frolic in various outdoor and lake adventures, experience acro yoga and hooping, create a charcoal art piece with your body, and / or try out your circus skills and fly on a trapeze, all with lots of love and laughter. Come find your vibe with a weekend of conscious music, centering, joyful play and good food. Accommodations range from DIY tent camping, platform tents, to air conditioned lodging in private or shared in a home. Paths for cycling, trails for hiking, water for floating, even rocks for climbing are all on the property just a 2 hour drive from St. Louis.

Manifest Station Music & Yoga FestivalLive Music / Entertainment:



HUMANS seeking to walk with others on the path to active EMBODIMENT. Your ears and eyes will be tickled by tantalizing aerial and fire dancing to the Chakra charged sounds of Daniel Donovan. ReKinection is a collaboration of performers, artists, musicians and guides conspiring to inspire people to embrace their creative empowered selves and to reestablish the relationship between mind, body, spirit and emotions. ReKinective Performers seek to inspire audiences towards embodiment with shows that will most assuredly keep you captivated. They’ll be performing and teaching aerial classes to adults and kids at Manifest Station!

JD Hughes & the Fuze:

St. Louis based Guitarist, Vocalist, and Multi-Instrumentalist JD Hughes is a multi-genre encompassing talent wrapped up with a soulful and conscious approach to his music. His lyrics stand alongside mindful singer-songwriters of our time with his message touching on the subtle yet uplifting power of Love, Real Life Experiences, & Universal Consciousness that we as humans all possess and experience. Complimenting his thought provoking lyrics is his tasteful guitar work that shines as a stronghold in his persona.

Griddle Kids:
The fun never stops with this spunky group who have been known to add puppets into their witty rock n roll mix. You’ll be bobbing your head and tapping your toes to fun songs you recognize and clever ones you’ll learn. Video coming soon.

Penn Johnson:A goofy old soul in a 21st century body, Penn Johnson is raising vibrations by weaving mysterious virtue through lyrical storytelling. With a deep reverence for nature and mind/body meditation, he travels across the US living a minimalist plant-based vanlife. Penn’s sound is best described as danceable spoken word with poetic vocals and percussive strumming. His newest material is a spiritual sage-bomb shedding light into the dark forests of consciousness and illuminating a more harmonious life. His highly-anticipated new single ‘Together We Rise’ is coming soon.”
Listen to an acoustic sneak peak on


Drew Sheafor, Neil C. Luke, Tom Blood, and Jessica Adkins from St. Louis, this band includes an accordion!  LS XPRSS plays covers, originals, and streams of consciousness and they encourage you to keep your hands and feet securely inside the ride at all times.

Two Cities One World:

Two Cities One World is an international love duet hailing from Bulgaria that will inspire you with their music, charm and GOOD VIBRATIONS. Anna Yanova-Cattoor, Jared Cattoor and their band will share their dancable, jazzy, hip, groovy, raw and very catchy music with us throughout the weekend.

The Dancing Bear Tribe:

Dancing Bear Tribe at Manifest StationAn extraordinary group of choreographed hoop dancers, The Dancing Bear Tribe infuses musical shows with their talents as visual performing artists. Their accolades include Nahko & Medicine for the People, The Schwag, Virtual Riot, Jerry Garcia Band, and Twiddle so far in 2017. Next stop Manifest Station. These ladies bring an energy to shows that ignite crowds and entertain everyone. When not touring, you’ll find the Dancing Bear Tribe regularly teaching at local schools, holding assemblies to teach to youth how important & fun it can be to indulge in the world of hoop dance!

Dancing Bears for Manifest Station: Jen Smith, Karly Peek & Carly Getzlow


Manifest Station Music & Yoga Festival

Yoga Outside the Lines


Debby Siegel, Yoga Evangelist, YoGoGirls

Debby Siegel, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Outside the LinesA giggle erupting, blur on a bike, rock monkey, hugger, and yoga evangelist, Debby of YoGoGirls offers yoga workshops and classes that ignite joy and crush fear while creating connections. Connect with your breath, your Self and your mat through Debby’s lively & mindful variety of conscious-living yoga. She believes in six impossible things before breakfast and that through yoga, mindfulness, health, adventure, the outdoors, family, friendships and gratitude, we all progress. So carpe your mat, and join Debby for a journey bound to embolden you to love and live more.

She will be guiding Yoga Outside the Lines, a kinetic art / vinyasa yoga class using charcoal and a paper canvas where each participant creates a masterpiece using their masterpiece, their body. We will get really messy as we rewind our mental space to that time when we knew nothing of the labels put on us by this world. Your eyes will clearly see, your body will move with ancient wisdom, your destiny a perfect creation.

Debby will also be offering Mindful Marionettes, a puppet show she and her partner, Chris Powers, authored to teach kids about mindful living at Manifest Station. Kids will join Debby, Chris, Silly Willy and friends on a journey to calm their minds and move their bodies for 45 minutes. For more on this puppet show or Debby’s workshops, visit her blog:

Yoga Outside the Lines:

Through kinetic drawing on paper canvas with charcoal, you’ll flow and move while finessing a piece of individualized artwork using your body and mind. Drawing from the soul and following your breath, you’ll use the motions of your body and your imagination to create a piece of artwork you can take home. We suggest wearing black and wearing your hair up, as we will use charcoal to create our yoga art. And plan to get dirty.

Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul, the dust of every day life.” Come let your inner Picasso out to play.

Manifest Station Music & Yoga FestivalAcro Yoga


Christine Kick Teaches Acro

Christine Kick, AcroYoga


Christine spends her days teaching yoga, AcroYoga, and leading yoga teacher training programs. When she’s not teaching or training, she’s probably either dancing on aerial fabrics, spinning poi, or singing songs. She is an advocator for conscious evolution with the mission to simply “heal and love”. She feels blessed to have landed into the arms of the acro community and be a part of this growing tribe of playmates.


Acro Yoga:

You’re never too old for airplane! Join Christine Kick for a playful partner yoga class where you will find some air time flying high with friends. Join us solo, with a friend or family member. This class will have something for everyone. All acro yoga poses will include the safety of a third person as an educated spotter. Some yoga experience recommended. Bring a yoga mat or two, water, and for clothing suggestions, visit Debby’s blog article on acro yoga >>

Manifest Station Music & Yoga Festival

ReKinection Aerial Workshops


Aerial Circus Skills at Manifest StationAerial and flow arts are meditative body movement modalities that are beneficial for the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The ReKinective performers share the joy, empowerment and balance that they have experienced by providing opportunities for participants of all ages to try out lyra, hammock and aerial yoga AND to join in the ReKinective Experience show! We’ll move our bodies, challenge ourselves, learn how much we’re capable of and have fun together.

The opportunity to co-create a show and get up in front of the crowd to perform is such an empowering experience that inspires us to embody our greatest selves!

These workshops will be available for kids and bigger kids (adults). Saturday night we’ll have a student showcase demonstrating some of the skills acquired in the classes that day.



Manifest Station Music & Yoga Festival1000 Breaths Yoga


Tim DeWitt teaches at Manifest StationTim DeWitt:

Light, Life, and Love. Tim is consciously working to expand individual, and collective expression though movement, mindfulness, practice, and gaining knowledge. Tim currently holds certifications in Usui Reiki level 3, Advanced pranic healing, Clinical Hypnosis, and RYT 200. Finding inspiration in all things, and studying mysticism through perspectives that present themselves. Let’s play!

1000 Breaths Yoga, Breath of Fire Fueled Gentle Flow

This accessible flow will be a slow paced yoga asana experience with the main focus being breath of fire.

A heating, and energetically cleansing breath which will bring the HEAT even through our calm flow. A 60 min experience, 1000 breaths. With that being an average of 17 breaths per minute, walk out of this class with a new and useable breath tool!


Manifest Station Music & Yoga FestivalHooping


Manifest Station music yoga hooping festival

Amy Greenley, Foxy Fit Studios
Hula Hoop Instructor at Foxy Fit Studios

Amy Greenley, or Amy Inspiral in the flow community.  At the age of 18, Amy discovered a simple circular toy that has been around for almost 60 years, the hula hoop, and she’s been hooping since. Five years later, and Amy is teaching and performing hula hooping at festivals around the country. This sacred circle has helped her find peace. She’s am extremely grateful to have found it and to be able to share it with you at Manifest Station 2017.




Join Amy for an hour long session with a series of 3-5 hula hoop tricks and learn transitions into each. Novice hoopers welcome and encouraged!


Manifest Station Music & Yoga Festival

Chakra-based Vinyasa Yoga


Lisette Chakra Yoga at Manifest Station

Lisette Cheresson

Lisette is a writer, traveler, storyteller, dreamer, dirt-collector, yogi, and teacher who found yoga in a gritty donation-based studio and never looked back. She spends her day connecting yogis and seekers as the Director of Community at Wanderlust Festival, and her nights reading, teaching, practicing, listening, or playing. The farther one travels, the less one knows—Lisette received her Level II Reiki Attunement and attended a 4-day intensive discourse with the Dalai Lama in India, and received her RYT200 in Brooklyn. Through challenge with injury, she’s honed an understanding of anatomy that allows her to approach asana practice with grounded and practical application.


Chakra-based Vinyasa

Lisette believes that our bodies are instruments played by the natural rhythms of the world, and that yoga—and the practice of it—can be any expression of joy that helps us tap into our own intuitive wisdom. This wisdom is our birthright. Her classes draw on chakra and alchemical theory, and are rooted in the idea that movement of personal truth feels natural and good, whatever that may look like. When we come to our mat and find that joy, we’re rediscovering the ancient connection of our body’s energy centers that at once make us unique and the same.

Manifest Station Music & Yoga Festival

Belly Dancing with Veils

Kelsey Kaleta offers belly dancing with veils at Manifest Station yoga and music festival May 4-6, 2018.

Kelsey Kaleta, RYT

Kelsey Kaleta is a Yoga Instructor and an American Belly Dancer. Entertaining, as well as healing has been her passion ever since she was a small child. Her practice includes Belly dancing, yoga, tap, jazz, ballet, and theatre arts. She believes that she was born to heal and nurture through yoga and dance. This is a way to release emotion through motion by body awareness and breath control. In order to keep evolving in spiritual growth, Kelsey has been a certified Kundalini and Hot yoga instructor since 2012. “Yoga keeps my 3rd eye open and my flexibility consistent.” She plans on spreading her love and knowledge for Yoga to people of all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes as long as she breathes.

Belly Dancing with Veils

You will learn basic belly dance drills with the hips, abdominal, hands, elbows, shoulders, waist, feet and more in a hypnotic graceful way and incorporate a veil into your dance. This type of dance is inspired from different styles of the world including North India, Middle East Spain, and Africa incorporated with Americanized dancing. Set your playful spirit free while you move among the flowing vivid colors.

Manifest Station Music & Yoga Festival

ReKinective Breathwork

Dan Donovan Breathwork at Music and Yoga Festival
Daniel Donovan 
Daniel is a human being who has sought to experience many different cultures, religions, spiritual practices, mystic arts, and reconnective philosophies. He believes that every person is infinite. That we all already know everything and have chosen to be on this planet to reconnect with SELF, in turn remembering SOURCE. He has facilitated Reconnective Breathwork experiences for four years in a various amount of settings including private retreats, private sessions, indoor group sessions, transformational festivals, and has traveled nationally and  internationally to bring the masses RECONNECTION. What sets apart Daniel’s “brand” of breathwork is the music. He layers in all the animal sounds, instruments, nature sounds, seed vowel sounds, chants, and binaural beats that correlate to the Chakras. Daniel also loves painting, writing, food, music and his five sons.

ReKinective Breathwork

Join Daniel Donovan on a journey that will most assuredly change your awareness, perspective and love of self. In this hour and a half you and several other people will choose to embark on an adventure within. With a short 15 minute mental reprogramming at the beginning, the attendee will place a blindfold over their eyes, lie on the ground and use a specific, yet simple breathing technique for one hour while being moved and stimulated through the Chakras using music Daniel Donovan has specifically designed for this experience.

Be prepared to be expanded physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Be prepared to laugh, cry, move your body, scream, shake, release and yes even sound like an animal.

Manifest Station Music & Yoga Festival

Kids Yoga + Activities


Kids aerial skills with ReKinection at midwest music and yoga festivalKids are welcome at this weekend retreat. Bring them and gift them with mindfulness, circus skills, aerial, yoga, music, games and all sorts of fun activities opposite adult classes so that you may enjoy time with them and without.  Debby & Chris (Manifest Station founders) are offering their Mindful Marionettes puppet show for the kids on Saturday. For more about Kids activities at this family-friendly, all-inclusive retreat, visit the KIDS’ ACTIVITIES page. Our kids’ yoga and crafts will be led by Katie Rodgers! Katie is a former school teacher turned adult / kids’ yoga teacher! She’s fantastic and so much fun. We are excited to have this skilled, amazing St. Louis teacher as part of our crew for this weekend festival.


Katie Rodgers (bio & headshot coming asap!)


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