Manifest Station: music & yoga retreat

Manifest Station, Volume 2: music & yoga at Manitowa’s Cedar Point

September 29-October 1, 2017 | 1327 Camp Cedar Point, Makanda, IL


Treat yourself to a weekend of playing with friends, while elevating your vibrations with live music, entertainment and creative class offerings at Camp Manitowa’s newest facility in southern Illinois. Many local musicians performing throughout the weekend. We’ll dine on vegan meals from Wheelie Good Food Dood & Vegan Evangelist, Chris Powers throughout this festival for all.  Families are welcome. Kids activities village, a healing village, and adults only areas throughout this 250 acre camp.

You may choose to practice yoga indoor or out, frolic in various outdoor and lake adventures, and experience acro yoga and hooping, all with lots of love and laughter. Come find your vibe with a weekend of jam bands, centering, joyful play and good food. Accommodation options range from DIY tent camping, platform tents, to air conditioned lodging in private rooms or an entire home for your group. Paths for cycling, trails for hiking, water for floating, even rocks for climbing are all on the property just a 2 hour drive from St. Louis.

Live Music:

  • The Strange Places:
    With a lap steel, stand up bass and Kristo’s magic mic, this band’s sound has been described as psychedelic country, and their music is certain to get you shuffling your feet. Band members include: Kristo \\ guitar & voice
    \\ JJ Hamon // lap-steel + magik box // Chris Powers \\ bass & voice \\ Mark Dailey // drums

    “Kristo is an essential piece in the local music scene puzzle…the kind of guy who seems to just naturally press coal into diamonds.”
    Jaime Lees, Riverfront Times
  • Old Time Assault:
    Old Time Assault formed in late 2013 as a claw-hammer banjo project, fronted by St Louis singer/songwriter Jason Rudd. The band has performed at various bars and clubs in St Louis over the past 3 years as a trio, duo and even solo with Jason Rudd performing claw-hammer banjo, kick drum and vocals with resident fiddler virtuoso, Sean Kamery. The 12 track debut album, Caxton, is scheduled for release March 21, 2017, with the release show the following Friday, March 24 at Pop’s Blue Moon in St Louis.
  • Magicko:
    Name a song and they’ll play it. This jam band will entertain us with cover tunes, while the hoopers & acrobats join in to create a Magickol show.
  • Irene Allen:
    The queen siren of St. Louis’ local taverns and late night dive bars, this sultry songstress has stolen the drunken hearts of many who wander the South Side with her soulful interpretation of blues and country.

“Press Play” Yoga:

Debby yoga teacher at Manifest Station

photo by YoGoGirls

  • Debby Siegel, Yoga Evangelist, YoGoGirls

    A giggle erupting, blur on a bike, rock monkey, hugger, and yoga evangelist, Debby of YoGoGirls offers yoga workshops and classes that ignite joy and crush fear while creating connections. Connect with your breath, your Self and your mat through Debby’s lively & mindful variety of  conscious-living yoga. She brings her playful energy and love of the Earth to each yoga experience she offers.  Her navigation skills honed while parenting teenagers, Debby can get you giggling and bending in ways you’re certain to relish.  She believes in six impossible things before breakfast and that through yoga, mindfulness, health, adventure, the outdoors, family, friendships and gratitude, we all progress. 

    Press Play:

    A 60 minute playful yoga class set to live music.  We’ll connect to the sounds of music, nature and our breath.  Join Yoga Evangelist, Debby Siegel of YoGoGirls for a one hour playful yoga class and get ready to release your inner child, the playful person who connected without those pesky labels and biases added by society over the years. This class will be accessible for anyone attending. No yoga experience necessary. Experience playing is required.

Acro Yoga:

Christine Kick Teaches Acro

Christine Kick: Christine spends her days teaching yoga, AcroYoga, and leading yoga teacher training programs. When she’s not teaching or training, she’s probably either dancing on aerial fabrics, spinning poi, or singing songs. She is an advocator for conscious evolution with the mission to simply “heal and love”. She feels blessed to have landed into the arms of the acro community and be a part of this growing tribe of playmates.

Acro Yoga: You’re never too old for airplane! Join Christine Kick for a playful partner yoga class where you will find some air time flying high with friends.

Join us solo, with a friend or family member. This class will have something for everyone. All acro yoga poses will include the safety of a third person as an educated spotter. Some yoga experience recommended. Bring a yoga mat or two, water, and for clothing suggestions, visit Debby’s blog article on acro yoga >>


Manifest Station music yoga hooping festival


Amy Greenley, Foxy Fit Studios

Hula Hoop Instructor at Foxy Fit Studios

Amy Greenley, or Amy Inspiral in the flow community.  At the age of 18, Amy discovered a simple circular toy that has been around for almost 60 years, the hula hoop, and she’s been hooping since. Five years later, and Amy is teaching and performing hula hooping at festivals around the country. This sacred circle has helped her find peace. She’s am extremely grateful to have found it and to be able to share it with you at Manifest Station 2017.

Manifest Station music yoga hooping festivalKait Kennedy

In 2012, Kait Kennedy achieved her Hoopnotica Hoop Dance Certification and has been teaching since. She currently teaches at Rising Goddess Fitness in Westmont, IL. She loves to inspire people of all ages to get inside the circle. She and Amy recently taught hooping workshops at The JAMboree in Denver. It was the most beautiful and uplifting experience. Kait is also a vegan chef who received her degree from Le Cordon Bleu in 2012. She will be assisting with food prep and bringing some yummy recipes to Manifest Station.

Chakra Yoga:

Manifest Station Chakra Yoga

photo by YoGoGirls

Kelsey Kaleta

Kelsey Kaleta is a performing artist and 200-hour registered yoga teacher out of St. Louis Missouri. Her background includes belly dance, ballet, jazz, and theatre arts. She first began practicing yoga in 2011 and felt right away that this was the guidance she has been looking for. Kelsey received her certification as a yoga instructor in 2012 and since then has been actively teaching Hot-Power, Chakra, Vinyasa, Yin and restorative yoga in the United States. She feels as humans we mentally and physically heal with yoga, dance, and music. She claims that these techniques have transformed her daily habits into healthy active habits. Nowadays, Kelsey teaches yoga, performs circus arts such as belly dance/ hula hooping, and is a model for Body Art Photo Squad where she performs aLive art in St. Louis and Festivals around the United States. Her goal as a dancer and yoga teacher is to provide a safe sacred place for her peers to come and find peace within by finding their inner guru and discovering what the body and mind can do when working together in harmony. She hopes to offer a feeling of confidence and creativity to the community and plans to share her knowledge and love for yoga and dance as long as she can.

Chakra Yoga, SUN 10-11a (pre brunch)

In this 60 minute class you will learn how to cleanse your body’s aura with chakra yoga, meditation, cleansing crystals, and singing bowls for sound therapy. It is encouraged (but not required) to wear white clothing to support the body’s auric radiance system. You may also bring your crystals for charging (also not required).What are Chakras? Think of it this way, the human body is 60-80% water. When sunlight comes in contact with water you see a rainbow. So if you could see your body’s aura it would reflect the 7 colors of the rainbow. (Red-Root, Orange-Sacrel, Yellow-Solar Plexus, Green- Heart, Blue- Throat, Indigo- 3rd Eye, Purple- Crown) Each one of these Chakra’s are an energy center that constantly takes energy in, along with sending energy out. When Chakras are aligned one is healthy, happy, open-minded, and free-spirited. When Chakras are damaged by diet, trauma, pollution, etc. they begin to affect the surrounding Chakras and potentially lead to mental and physical illness. One can reverse and heal damaged chakras through yoga, meditation, diet, art, gardening, essential oils, massage, reflexology, sound therapy, nature and more!